The importance of the 5in1 vaccination for dogs


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Ever wondered what the 5in1 dog vaccine comprises of and what it protects your dog from?
This very important vaccine assists in the prevention of illness that can sometimes

These include:


This infection can attackattacks the intestinal tract, the respiratory tract and the central
nervous system of the pet. The cCanine distemper is highly contagious and can be caught
through the contact with bodily fluids such as nasal secretions. The virus may also be
airborne and contracted in this way.


Canine hepatitis is an infectious disease caused by the adenovirus type 1. The virus can be
transmitted through bodily fluids. The disease can be fatal and may manifest through the
hepatitis blue eye, which is the formation of a cloudy-bluish pellicle on the surface of the
dog’s eye. Vaccination can prevent the contraction of the disease.

– LEPTOSPIROSIS (not all vaccines have Lepto included so do check!)

Leptospirosis is a condition that may affect canines and humans alike. The infection
manifests symptoms include, through elevated fever, chronic vomiting, diarrhoea and


The virus may be deadly, especially in immunocompromised pets or puppies that don’t have
a fully developed immune system. The presence of the virus will cause diarrhoea, vomiting
and weight loss. The parvovirus can be transmitted through faeces or direct contact with a
contaminated area.


Although not a Para-influenza is not a deadly disease, Para-Influenza but it may cause a lot
of discomfort and is a contagious condition. Para-influenza manifests shows itself through
dry coughing and breathing problems. The condition will generally go go away without
treatment, but some breeds such as brachycephalics will be pre-disposed to having much
more severe symptoms due to their short nasal tracts, which can be fatal once their
immune system is compromised and they struggle to breathe with their shorter airways.
However, it’s best if vVaccines are administered to protect the dog against these symptoms.

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