Traveling to the USA – All you need to know.

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The two easiest countries for pets to travel historically, have always been the USA and Canada. In the past the only requirements have been for a microchip and annual vaccinations to be in order, older than 30 days but less than a year. However, during the COVID period the CDC have changed the entry requirements specifically for the USA. 

They have implemented 3 options for safe entry which as recently as March has seen some additional changes which include an option of quarantine on arrival. 

Dogs travelling to the USA not only require the basics of a Microchip and annual vaccinations to be in order, but they also require a Rabies Serology report. Luckily, they do have one of the shortest waiting periods of only 45 days required in South Africa before departure. However, owners are required to apply for an import permit which they are issuing currently in a record time of around 2 days if all your documents are uploaded correctly.  

Please note that an additional microchip validation document is required as well as pictures of teeth. If you are traveling with 3 or more pets, there is also a new requirement of entry into a specific port with an additional rabies vaccination upon entry.

The USA routing has very limited airline options for entry however more airlines have come back into play such as Lufthansa and Swiss. Please remember not all airlines accept all breeds and fly to every port.

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