About PETport

Certified and trained

Our consultants have all been in the pet relocation industry for many years and are often called upon by South African and International publications to author articles on the subject of pet transport & pet relocation.

A wealth of experience 

PETport is one of the very few REGISTERED PET TRAVEL companies in South Africa, with hands on care and experience passed down from one generation to the next. It’s practically in our blood. We are the best choice to transport your fur-babies, fluff-babies and feather-babies..

Meet The Team


International Trained and Educated Team

As the first dual registered animal relocation company in Africa, we pride ourselves on our collaboration with major international animal governing body, IPATA (International Pet Animal Transport Association) and ATA (Animal Transportation Association) 

All our consultants have been trained at an international level, have completed IPATA exams and hold training certificates that reflect their expertise. Our branch managers have also obtained IATA Certificates in Live Animals Regulation (LAR).

IPATA is a non-profit, worldwide trade association for animal handlers, pet moving providers, kennel operators and veterinarians who are dedicated to the care and welfare of pets and small animals during transport. PETport is an active member of the IPATA team, which has more than 400 members in over 80 countries. 

IPATA serves its members, the pet transport industry and the public at large.

PETport are proud to be a part of the ATA initiative!

ATA provides an important opportunity for individuals, businesses, organizations and groups involved in any phase of animal transportation to become part of an international effort to find solutions to problems related to the transport of animals.

PETport supports non profit organisations and helping animals in need.

We support and partner with many organisations including:

We have specialist branches in major cities

Each branch is setup with your pet in mind. We have all the facilities to ensure a safe transport and stay over of your pets. 

  • Custom hand crafted and sterilised pet travel crates.
  • A naturally non-carcinogenic pet travel bed for international travellers.
  • Climate controlled vehicles for a comfy road trip.
  • 24-hour emergency contact number
  • On site veterinarian (Johannesburg only)
  • If you find yourself in a spot, which ever side of the Karoo you are; we assist with superior boarding kennels that offer each pet a safe and homely stay.
  • In Johannesburg we are conveniently situated on the boarding facility premises.

We support an open-door policy; you are welcome to pop in for coffee to discuss logistics and even bring your fur-baby along for the drive.

Visit our contact page to get the branch details.