IPATA Members – International Pet And Animal Transportation Association

PETport are proud members of IPATA the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association – based in South Africa. IPATA are the foremost international pet transport association.

Through IPATA, helps us to access other countries’ regulations and requirements for shipping pets safely and to conform to all the nessesary documents. IPATA has members that have been vetted in over 84 countries.

PETport staff attend training seminars conducted by IPATA and are up to date on all the latest regulations and requirements. 

About IPATA: The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) is a non-profit, worldwide trade association for animal handlers, pet moving providers, kennel operators, veterinarians and others who are dedicated to the care and welfare of pets and animals during transport. The organization was founded in 1979. It began with six founding members and now has more than 400 members in over 80 countries. IPATA serves its members, the pet transport industry, and the public at large. For more information, or to find a professional pet shipper, visit www.ipata.org.

IPATA also does a lot of work to fight against pet scammers across the globe. Read here before adopting or purchasing a pet you found online: https://www.ipata.org/tips-for-buyers