Crate measurements and Sizes. Where do clients go wrong?


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The most important part of a pet’s international relocation? Is the travel crate. Not only does this determine the perfect fit for safe travel. Most importantly, this determines the price that you as a client will be paying for that specific airline. Miss measuring? Or adjusting sizes. Can result in not only you as a client receiving a quote for a much smaller crate. This can affect the planning process and the relationship with the consultant itself.

When deciding on the perfect crate for a travelling pet. We rely heavily on the measurements provided at the initial quoting stage. If you are guesstimating or adjusting, even 2 centimetres out will affect the crate you receive and whether it is correct or not.

One thing that is important to note is that we are not booking a seat on a flight when it comes to pets relocation. We are dealing with the cargo section where every millimetre and milligram is being calculated for the full volumetric weight not only for the weight of the crate and the pet, but also the space that is taken in the cargo section.

When doing cost comparisons in the beginning stages of your relocation, it is critically important to note that not all pet relocation company’s crates are the same size. A size 9 crate for one company will be different compared to a size 9 crate for another company. This is why it is incredibly important to have measurements as accurate as possible. We have a link on tips and tricks in getting the correct measurements for your pets. Should you find yourself on the internet wanting to do a quote with no measurements here are our suggestions:

Call In/WhatsApp

Did you know that PETport’s team of specialists are on standby to take down your details for an estimate at any point throughout the working day. Call in to one of our branches or contact our WhatsApp line and we will gladly take down all your details and complete the online quote generator for you. This will also give you the opportunity to chat to an informed expert about the process and also they will help you identify how to correctly insert measurements in order to reference the sizes of your travelling pets. You can contact our Johannesburg branch on 0119656397, Cape Town on 0218245288, Durban on 0317089011. Or pop us a WhatsApp on +27 63 868 7964.

Bring your Fur Baby in!

Did you know that you can also bring in your pets to our offices to complete a Crate fitting? This is quite an important step as it will guarantee you knowing exactly which crate your fur baby will be travelling in and also confirm the correct crate for quoting purposes. We understand how important every cent is when relocating your life overseas. This is why PETport is the only pet shipper in the world that offers three different packages for up to three different airlines. Also if you come in for crate fitting you will get your quotation immediately. 

Floor…. Wall….. String.

We know how difficult it can be trying to measure your travelling pet in order to complete an estimate generator. Three of the best methods to calculate the correct size is by putting little pebbles on the floor when they’re lying down. Pushing them against a wall, distracting them with some peanut butter while making pencil markings above their head by the bum, as well as the elbow. One of the best methods, especially for cats, is using a piece of string and measuring the string itself.

At PETport ensuring  that you and your travelling family has the best experience from start to finish is critically important for us. We understand the frustrations involved in trying to get your entire life together for this important relocation. This is why you have direct access to the PETport team in order to assist you with completing that all important initial quote. Avoid frustrations for you and your family. We recommend using one of the three methods above in making sure that your measurements are correct. WhatsApp us anytime ☺ on +27 63 868 7964.

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