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Pets travelling to the USA are not subject to any quarantine time upon arrival.

All pets need to be micro chipped.

Pet’s inoculations (5 in 1 for dogs; 3 in 1 for cats; as well as Rabies for both) must be older than of 30 days and no more than 1 year prior to departure.

Puppies & Kittens must have their own rabies vaccination at age of 12 weeks and may only travel 30 days after this vaccine at age of 16 weeks.

PETport will prepare all your Veterinary Health Certificates and Government Endorsements for you.

Dogs must have undergone a veterinary examination for Screwworm in specified time period prior to departure.

How to Immigrate with your Pet from South Africa to the USA.

There are many rules and regulations around immigrating with your pet to the USA from South Africa. PETport is here to ensure that the process is as easy, stress-free and streamlined as possible for you.


Any pet entering the USA needs to be vaccinated against Rabies. Your pet must also travel with its original and signed Rabies certificate.

Depending on the state you are traveling to, you may need to have a Rabies vaccine that is older than 21 days.


Although not every state requires your pet to be microchipped, PETport recommends that your pet is microchipped for safety purposes. States that require microchips will accept an ISO or AVID microchip.

The only vaccine your pet needs for entry into the USA is a Rabies vaccine that is older than 21 days.

Dogs need to be cleared by a vet for Screwworm within a certain period before they leave South Africa.

Most vets recommend that your pets are also vaccinated against the following before they travel: Dogs Hepatitis Parainfluenza Bordetella Distemer Parvovirus (DHLPP) Leptospirosis Cats Calicivirus Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Panleukopenia (FVRCP)


PETport will prepare all your Veterinary Health Certificates and Government Endorsements for you.
This documentation will state that your pet is fit and healthy to travel and will meet all the necessary rules and regulations for your pet’s entry into the country.


As long as they have a valid Rabies vaccine, the USA does not have a quarantine period for dogs and cats.
Exceptions to this rule are Hawaii and Guam which do have a quarantine period.


Most frequent questions and answers

Prices to bring your pet over to the USA from South Africa vary. It all depends on whether your pet is a dog or cat and how large it is. PETport will be happy to give you a personalized quote so contact us today!

The good news is that there is no quarantine period for dogs and cats coming into the USA (as long as they have a valid Rabies vaccine certificate that is older than 21 days.

The only exception is Hawaii and Guan where there is a quarantine period.


PETport recommends preparing your pet for travel as far in advance as possible. Here is what we advise doing to get the ball rolling:
Consult with your vet and tell them you plan to take your pet to the USA. Your vet will examine your pet for any obvious health problems preventing it from flying
Ensure that your pet has an up to date Rabies vaccination and any other vaccines recommended by your vet
Contact PETport for a quote
Once you confirm you want us to assist, we will prepare all the necessary documentation

Your pet will be placed in the hold of the plane but in the heated and pressurized area. It will travel in a secure animal carrier and PETport will ensure that it is as comfortable as possible. You may want to include your pet’s favorite blanket in the carrier to help soothe them.

No, it is not safe to give your pet a tranquilizer as they would need a vet to monitor their vital signs and ensure they don’t have an adverse reaction throughout the flight and this is not possible.

Most vets recommend using Calmeze tablets for dogs and Calmeze gel for cats. This can be administered an hour before travel and has a highly effective calming effect on your pet and can relieve stress.

Although the flight to the US from South Africa can be quite long, it is actually quite an easy process to immigrate with your pet. PETport recommends preparing in advance, though, to avoid unnecessary panic at the last minute.


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