Pet & Animal Transport into Canada

Pets travelling to Canada are not subject to any quarantine time upon arrival.

All Pets need to be microchipped before they can leave South Africa

Pet’s inoculations (5 in 1 for dogs; 3 in 1 for cats; as well as Rabies for both) must be older than of 30 days and no more than 1 year prior to departure.

Puppies can travel on proof of mothers valid inoculations as above between the ages of 8 weeks to 12 weeks.  Thereafter, they will need to have their own inoculations at 12 weeks and wait 30 days before entry into Canada.  Puppies under the age of 8 months old must have an import permit for entry, this must be applied for by the new owner prior to the arrival of the puppy.

PETport will prepare all your Veterinary Health Certificates and Government Endorsements for you.

How to immigrate with your Pet from South Africa to Canada

Immigrating with your pet from South Africa to Canada doesn’t need to be complicated or frustrating. PETport handles all aspects of the transport and import process, giving you peace of mind that your pet will be taken care of throughout the journey. 



Your pet needs to be at least 3 months of age to be eligible for entry into Canada. Pets younger than 3 months are too young to have had a Rabies vaccination and will need to travel under their mother’s original and valid Rabies certificate, which must be present with the animal when traveling. The mother’s Rabies certificate should be at least 30 days old and less than 1 year old.


Your cat or dog must have a microchip as well as an original and valid Rabies vaccination to be allowed entry into Canada. The certificate must not be less than 30 days old and should not be older than a year before you intend your pet to travel.
PETport recommends arranging your pet’s Rabies certificate as soon as possible to avoid last minute panic or delays.
We advise that your pet’s annual vaccinations are also up to date to avoid catching an illness or passing one onto another animal.

If your pet will be boarding at a cattery or kennels when it arrives in Canada, you will need to prove that its vaccinations are current with an original vet’s certificate.


Your pet must travel with an original, stamped and signed health certificate for entry into Canada. The health certificate must be issued by your vet stating that your pet is fit and healthy to travel and has been vaccinated against Rabies.
Please note that the health certificate is only valid for 10 days so this will need to completed just before you travel.

PETport will arrange the health certificate for you and will ensure that it is correct and compliant.
An import permit is not required for Canada as long as your dog is older than 8 months or your pet is a cat and is not traveling for commercial purposes. PETport can assist with the import permit if your puppy is younger than 8months of age.


As long as you meet the Rabies and documentation requirements, your pet will not have to be quarantined when arriving in Canada.


Most frequent questions and answers

It all depends on whether you have a dog or a cat and the breed and size of the animal. Larger animals will need bigger animal carriers and are more expensive to transport. Contact us today for an accurate quote and start planning your pet’s journey!

No, there is no limit (as long as each pet travels with its own original Rabies certificate, is microchipped and has an original, stamped health certificate).


Yes, you can but you can only package a meal size for your pet and attach it to the top of the crate for travel purposes during relocation.

We recommend finding a similar pet food in Canada. It may be worth starting to get your pet used to a new kind of food (which is available in Canada) before you travel to avoid problems.

It is not a pleasant experience but dogs and cats will hunker down in their crate and will eventually settle down. The worst part of the journey is when the crate is placed on the tarmac before being loaded into the plane. Send your pet with its favorite blanket to make the experience better.

At PETport, we will try our best to send your dog or cat on the same flight as you. However, some airlines do not accept traveling pets so be sure to check with us first before you make your own travel arrangements.


PETport recommends including a blanket with your scent in the crate. You can also give your dog a Calmeze tablet or your cat some Calmeze gel. This has a calming and soothing effect and make the flying process far less stressful.

Unfortunately, it is not safe to give your pet a tranquiliser as animals react differently to medications when flying and there will not be a vet accompanying them.

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