Australian Regulations Update – What you need to know!

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As a family when planning your relocation there are countless moving parts that all need to be considered and strategically planned for a successful relocation. Not only are you moving your life, your partners, the kid’s, let’s not forget there is also the furniture, your visa’s, new work and responsibilities and of course finding a place to stay! Don’t you dare forget about school applications, and most importantly! THE FUR KIDS!!!!!!

Every single country has a specific set of rules and regulations for entering according to their requirements. Just as you get “easy” countries for a smooth relocation like Canada, you also get more trickier countries that do require extensive testing and a bit more red tape for entry. Fear not this is why you have an experienced pet shipper like PETport to assist you with a “game plan” for getting your fur kids to your new home safely!

Country regulations are becoming stricter regarding the Microchip and implantation process. We were first alerted of this when certain countries were prohibiting entry on any microchips which have been administered by anyone other than a registered vet. They reason behind this being that State Vets can only endorse work completed by a registered vet. This has turned into a huge problem for clients that are trying to complete the process themselves and causing additional financial and timeline strain on the relocation process due to having to recomplete the entire Rabies Serology process. The USA has also implemented a whole new microchip validation document which needs to be completed during the final veterinary health check.

Certain countries are trying to counter the fact that some countries are allowing breeders, the SPCA, welfare organisations, nurses, assistants, pet handlers, basically anyone with 2 hands access to pets to complete microchips and vaccinations. We 100% hand firmly behind the SPCA and administering vaccinations and microchips for strays and adoption purposes, however, should you wish to travel internationally for example to Europe, that microchip will not be accepted.

Australia on the 1st of March 2023 updated their regulation on the microchip process and requiring a declaration to be completed. They have indicated that pets can enter under 2 quarantine entry periods, either with 30 days quarantine on arrival or 10 days. In order to get the 10 day reduction, “ if an identity verification, including scanning of the microchip, is carried out by a state veterinarian of South Africa as part of the import permit application process, the animal may be eligible for a 10 day post entry quarantine (PEQ) period; if not, the animal will require at least a 30 day PEQ period.”

We recommend that before completing the blood draw, first check in with PETport on the procedure. Countless families around South Africa are risking their precious fur kids having to complete the 30 day upon arrival due to completing important steps before verifying the microchip with the State Vet. We at PETport understand how daunting the relocation process is, especially to areas like Australia and New Zealand. 

Looking to start your family’s relocation to Australia and not sure of the process? We recommend completing the online quote generator and our team will issue you a costing in 24-48 hours – Once you have received your costing, why not pop us a message on WhatsApp and we can chat through the process? WhatsApp line – +27 63 868 7964! When you ready to sign up we will be right at your fingertips ready to assist your family getting your fur kids home without the added stress.

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