PETport reporting Scams


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PETport has been reporting on Scammers in and around South Africa for the past 8 years. We have tracked Puppy Scammers operating out of Kimberly and Upington specifically, especially during the COVID period. Hardworking families were taken advantage of heavily during this stage. During lockdown families were home and able to care for the new furry family member and this is when we have seen the highest number of puppy scams. We have had reports of families losing up to R35 000. If you had to google – puppy for sale, websites like the below still pop up indicating that this is still happening to families around South Africa.

Immediately to the trained eye you can pick up this is not a legitimate company. Not only do they have over 30 different breeds, but they have these puppies all available at the same time up to 9 per litter. That is over 270 puppies for one company available all at the same time and same age.


Typical puppy scam adverts


They also indicate that at 9 weeks all vaccinations are up to date as well as having puppies fully potty trained. Even the most competent dog trainer would know this is not a possibility at 9 weeks, all completed for 270 puppies.



These Scammers secure your payment and upon “checking in” for the domestic flight, which just happens to be “Petport Courier Service” indicates that due to a new airline regulation “temperature-controlled crates” needs to be used for the safe transportation. This is presented as a rental crate, and you would receive the deposit of R5000 back. When they receive monies unfortunately, they disappear, and you are left trying to reach PETport thinking your new puppy is stranded at the airport.

The reason that they use the name “Petport” is due to the extensive work we have done with taking down at least 9 different websites and being active in warning families when making purchases. They believe using a reputable pet relocation company name, will have client researching and finding that indeed we are legitimate which would provide surety.  We completely understand that family’s may prefer a particular breed of dog which is why we always recommend finding your breed specific puppy through KUSA – Kennel Union of South Africa. Registered and ethical breeders and not supporting puppy mills.

We must warn families that they are now moving away from Puppies in Upington and Kimberley but instead operating out of Nelspruit and selling Tortoises through Facebook. This week alone we have had at least 6 different families lose between R5000 – R14000.

We have also encountered a fake PETport website which these Tortoise Scammers are using.

We request that families contact PETport on our WhatsApp line – +27 63 868 7964, we will gladly do research into the “breeder” before any money is lost. Don’t be shy to request a WhatsApp video call to see the pets before purchase. Check out the website and click all buttons and icons, if many of them are duds or not clickable this will immediately indicate that this is not a legitimate company.

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