Canadian Regulation Updates for Dogs


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What’s going on? – Canadian Regulation Updates for Dogs – AIRLINE EMBARGOES

At PETport we pride ourselves in being your main channel of industry information and updates in getting Fur babies across the world. During 2020 we were the only Pet Relocation Specialist to ship through every level of lockdown as well as provide the latest industry updates the minute they were released. Many traveling families are shocked to find that although the world is slowly but surely getting back to the “new normal” there are still incredible restrictions and sudden embargoes that can happen at the drop of a hat.

We are saddened to have to share the news that Canada has currently implemented a stop on all commercial entries for dogs. Whilst we generally do not deal with commercial entries and only deal with personal pet animals, the Canadian Authorities have rejected all airlines to date prior approval requests for assistance in ensuring all documentation is correct prior to arrival to avoid unscrupulous movements of commercial dogs under the guise of “personal pets”.

PETport is working exceptionally hard with airlines to provide a plausible solution. As always PETport is respectful to all countries and their regulations as well as airlines and their restrictions in making sure that all fur babies arrive with all the correct documents for processing.

While the Canadian Authorities cement a way forward, PETport will be here to assist you and your family with preparations in getting fur babies across safely. We endeavour to do our absolute best in keeping families around the world informed. We completely understand any frustrations experienced with this un-necessary, but understood embargo, but that is why we are here. To help!

What if my family is ready to travel? – We recommend delaying any dogs travel until airlines have lifted their embargo. We understand that no family wants to be separated or split but if you have a new job opportunity or urgently need to get to Canada, find friends or family that will give fur baby the love and care while you travel. PETport can also recommend one of our incredible 3rd party boarding facilities

When will this Embargo be lifted? – Unfortunately, this is solely based on airlines and the Canadian Authorities reaching an appropriate agreement. We will keep families updated of any changes the minute that it is sent through.

Should I sign up with a Pet Relocation Company or wait? – We recommend purely for the purpose of being kept updated to sign up with a Relocation Specialist. This will allow for your personal consultant to keep you updated and informed every step of the way. Alternatively pop us a message on our WhatsApp Business line – +27 63 971 6547!

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