How to Keep your Fur Kids off the Sofa.

How to Keep your Fur Kids off the Sofa

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Question: Is the Sofa a Fur Baby Free Zone?

Many families struggle with the decision; “Is the sofa is approved for the whole family?”

Sometimes it will be trickier to get your Fur Baby out of the habit and let’s be honest a winter cuddle on the sofa with your Fur Baby is just.

Tips and Tricks to keep your Sofa in Mint Condition:

  • Keep Pet toys next to the Sofa.
    • Keep a chew toy or a scratch post next to your sofa to avoid your Fur Baby finding relief in the legs of your new couch.
  • Keep your Fur Baby’s nails trimmed.
    • This will help with your Fur Baby not scratching up your Sofa when placing paws on the couch.
  • Double-sided sticky tape on the couch on the spots where your Fur Baby tends to scratch will help with protecting your Sofa.
  • Make sure your Fur Baby is getting lots of exercise and walks.
  • Get a Pet Couch Cover
  • Brush your Fur Baby’s hair regularly and keep a lint remover next to your couch!


– Fabric/Linen Freshener will work wonders on keeping your Sofa smelling fresh, you can even mix your own with fabric softener and water!


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