How To: Keep your Cats Cool for the Summer

Hot to make sure your pets stay cool for the summer

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Amid the summer heat, we’re trying every alternative to cool down and avoid the warmth and sunburnt skin, whether it means using sunhats, sunscreen, indoor pools, or big gazebos and umbrellas. So imagine how our kitties may feel in this summertime heat.

We have found multiple ways to keep your cats cool for the summer this January heat.

Give your fur kitty options.

Offer them multiple ways to cool down, such as a fan swinging back and forth in the living area. Adding ice cubes or leaving a water bottle in the freezer overnight until it is icy cold and pouring it over into their drinking bowl on those warmer days.

Groom their hair more frequently in the summertime.

Brushing out that tangly coat will do wonders for your cat during the warm days. Extra fur can hold in body heat, so it could be a good idea to have your cat’s coat trimmed professionally for summer and use a detangling brush as the weeks go by to prevent excess hair.

Playtime is for mornings and evenings.

We would not exercise in the scorching afternoon heat, so why put your cats through that. It is best to play with them in the mornings and evenings as our homes are generally cold during these periods of the day. A great tip is to keep the blinds or drapes closed during the day to keep the house cool, and it also cuts on those air conditioning bills.

Cooling off spots

Those cool spots in the home are a dream spot for cats. It could be on the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, the bathtub, or even the bedroom that gets the least amount of sunlight. Out with the bathmats and living room rugs this summer, your kitty will appreciate you so much more.

Keep them hydrated with multiple water bowls around the house:

Taking it back to grade 9 biology, we know water evaporates faster in warmer weather. That is why we need to leave extra water bowls in and around the house for our cats. Ensure that there is always fresh water in the bowls, and check it regularly.

Watch out for signs of Heatstroke:

  • excessive panting
  • lethargy
  • drooling
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • collapse
  • unconsciousness

Call your vet immediately if you notice your cat having any of these symptoms.

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