Watch out for Puppy Scams!

Watch out for Puppy Scams!

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At PETport, we have been working tirelessly, assisting families in avoiding Puppy Scams across South Africa. Not only have these Puppy Scammers set up fake websites, but they are also known to use the names of legitimate Pet Shippers as their “pet shippers.” Unfortunately, these scams have affected many families across South Africa, with financial losses of up to R25 000 per family.

If you and your family are thinking of purchasing a new furry member of the family, make sure you check out for registered KUSA breeders latest litters.

If you are not breed-specific and looking to share your love with any Fur Babies in need of a home, why not check out the Oscars Arc WOOF Project? They have Fur Babies from Shelters all over South Africa in need!

Things to watch out for:

  • R9000 temperature-controlled rental crate needed for transportation – FAKE – We only use registered IATA-compliant wooden crates, both nationally and internationally.
  • Websites that end in .com, Facebook, Instagram icons that are fake with no links.
  • Multiple breeds that are all available at the same time.
  • Only WhatsApp communication and they do not allow video calls to see your future Fur Baby.
  • Operating from Upington or Northern Cape, but now spreading to all over South Africa.

Please, we encourage everyone to be vigilant and cautious! Before purchasing any puppy, make sure you do some research. When purchasing a new puppy, we will GLADLY check out any breeder or company to make sure they are reputable.

Our PETport Team is here to help!

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