Tips to Keep Your Pets Indoors and Entertained.

Tips for Keeping Pets Indoors

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When you struggle to find ways and means to keep your Fur babies entertained while indoors, it’s good to turn to PETport for the best tips and tricks.

  • Scavenger Hunts – Hiding treats around the house will get your Fur Kids Spidey Senses tingling. It is a good activity for those in apartments.
  • Go for a HALK! (House/walk) – Get one of the human kids to create a pathway or even an obstacle course through the house (you could incorporate a map as an extra learning opportunity), Clip on the leash, and you’re ready to go!
  • Doggy/Kitty Parlour – Grooming and Fur Baby Maintenance for your Precious Fur Kid is just as important as it is for you.
  • TRAINING 101 – This is the perfect time to brush up on training.
  • Toys R Us – Tug of War Toy – Take an old T-shirt, cut it into strips, make a braid or knot, and voila! A new tug of war toy. You can even include treats, as well as a tennis ball for added fun.
  • Staircase Run – SAFETY APPROVED – Now, if your staircase is steep, has a sharp turn, slippery, or has no railings, we do not recommend this game! But staircase run is a great way to get the Fur Kid’s heart rate up!

Take our advice, Moms and Dads, it does a world of difference, and you could even use some of the tips for the human kids too!

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