Tips and Tricks for Dealing with A Velcro Dog.


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Hands up if you happen to have a Velcro Dog

The term Velcro dogs refer to your Fur baby’s desire to be attached to your side. They don’t call them companions for nothing.

Your Fur Baby can be your protector and bodyguard making sure you remain safe during your bathroom visits. Although this can be an awfully cute trait, it can also be that your Fur Baby’s confidence level is low.

Tips for dealing with Velcro Babies:

  • Sometimes Velcro dogs are such because of the rewards they get from being close to you. You need to make yourself “boring”!
  • Give them their own space and place that is theirs alone!
  • Spread their favourite toys around the house so they need to search to find them.
  • Keep your Fur baby busy with Kong toys or doggy puzzles.
  • Try putting up baby gates, if the situation is serious, and you just need some space.
  • Give your Fur baby plenty of daily exercise.
  • Teach them to stay!
  • Avoid silence and have Dog TV or the radio on so they do not feel alone.

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