Three Easy Ways to Ensure your Pet is Travel-Ready


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Relocating is stressful enough. Add a beloved pet to the mix, and suddenly an admin-orientated job becomes a bag of emotions. The last thing you should have to worry about is your pet’s wellbeing during the process. 

Your pet’s state of health plays a big role when planning a move. Considering they don’t have the luxury of ‘telling’ us if they have any ailments, we must take the necessary steps to ensure they are healthy and happy.


How to ensure the big move is a seamless one:


Physical health

It may seem obvious, but if your pet has any glaring physical issues, you’ll need to consider how they affect their travel prospects. While pet transport services are more than equipped to handle these cases, it’s a good idea to resolve problems beforehand. 

This may mean leaving your pet with a loved one until they’re back to their usual self. Rather that than risk a challenging move. The experience, after all, often affects how well they settle into their new home.


Mental state

Your pet’s mental health is as important. They may be prone to panic attacks or stress easily – something you’ll have to address before you remove them from their safe space.  

Don’t underestimate mental disorders in animals. Birds, for example, experience depression. Dogs and cats exhibit OCD behaviour. If you’ve noticed your pet is a bit ‘off,’ consult an animal behaviourist. They’ll be able to address problems and advise the best way forward.  


Age factor

Relocating a senior dog and a puppy are vastly different. Older dogs are more tranquil but they’re also prone to conditions like arthritis and heart disease. 

The first step, then, is to take your ol’ friend to the vet for a checkup. Experts can determine if the animal’s age will impact their move. 

Pet transport companies like PETport are committed to ensuring the successful relocation of your furry family member. But it’s a team effort that requires pet owners to do their part too. Enquire today on how to get started. 

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