PETport Training Conference 2019


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Johannesburg, 12 August – For the third year in a row, PETport Animal Travel hosted a training conference that focuses on pet and animal travel best practices. The four-day conference began on 23 May at Mangwa Valley Game Lodge and Hotel is primarily hosted for PETport staff and local airlines. However, this year, the conference attracted an additional 22 guests from across the globe. These included representatives from the USA, UK, Middle East, Australia and several African countries, all of whom took time out to travel to South Africa to learn more about pet transport.

The jam-packed agenda covered several topics that focused on animal wellbeing and the regulations that surround animal travel. An exploration of travel crates is one such example, where guests were educated on the different types on offer and what to consider before choosing one and ensuring travel crates are strictly in accordance to IATA LAR regulations. Similarly, there was a section on identifying the travel needs and stressors of different dog and cat breeds and how these, ultimately, impact their relocation.

“We initially started these training conferences to provide guests with hands-on training and the opportunity to develop their skills in pet transportation,” said Hazel Imrie, PETport Owner and Founder. “It has since turned into an event that hosts like-minded people from all over the world and where collaboration and brainstorming are encouraged and celebrated,” adds Hazel.

What’s more, is this year’s guest list included representatives from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), JFK International Airport and several heavyweight airlines.

The last day of the event saw 85 guests attending an awards evening, whereby different PETport staff members were recognised for consistency and excellence across five different categories. This, just another way PETport strives to provide reliable and passionate pet transport services to pet owners throughout South Africa and abroad.

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