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2021-02-18 08.02.02

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Hello #PETPortFamily🦜

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After months of meticulous planning…

Countless setbacks and changes…

PETport is proud to present –  The Great Migration! 🇬🇧

2020, the year we will never mention again! Unless it is to showcase the commitment we have shown our clients. PETport has its share of highs and lows. Making the decision to remain fully operational during the worldwide pandemic was no small feat. 🤭

In the second half of 2020, countless families across the world experienced extreme setbacks immigrating, specifically to the United Kingdom. A severe bottleneck was created due to limited airlines as well as the number of Fur Babies able to travel through the Animal Reception facilities at Heathrow each day.🥺

After months of planning, PETport has become the first South African Shipper to acquire Semi Charters out of South Africa to the UK. This was accomplished by PETport’s fearless leader, Hazel Imrie. In February 2021 alone, this innovative and bold leap will have put 84 Fur Babies into their waiting moms and dad’s arms

Our maiden voyage is kicking off today!🥳🤩

Make sure you follow our page for updates on our Semi-Charters! 🇬🇧

We have plenty more to come!

#PETport #doingwhatwe️ #impossiblemadepossible

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