Keeping Your Pet Cozy and Happy During Winter: Tips from PETport

Winter Dog Photo by Ohshineon

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As the temperatures drop and snow blankets the mountains, it’s essential to ensure our beloved pets stay warm and comfortable during the cold winter months. At PETport, we prioritize the well-being of animals, advocating for indoor living and providing tips to make outdoor excursions safe and enjoyable.

Indoor Comfort is Key

First and foremost, we believe that no pet should be left outside in extreme weather conditions. Here are some tips to keep your fur baby happy indoors:

  1. Create a Cozy Space: Set up a warm, comfortable area with blankets or a pet bed away from drafts. Consider adding extra bedding for older pets or those with thin fur.
  2. Maintain Indoor Temperatures: Keep your home comfortably warm. If you feel the cold, your pet likely does too. Monitor temperatures and adjust as needed.
  3. Regular Exercise: Dogs still need exercise during winter, but keep outdoor activities brief. Short, frequent walks are better than long outings in the cold. Aim for stimulating play indoors to burn off excess energy.

Outdoor Adventures: Short and Sweet

When venturing outside with your dog:

  1. Bundle Up: For short walks, ensure your dog is protected with a sweater or coat, especially if they have short fur. Please remember to chat to your vet about your fur baby and condition. Make sure to not keep jacket on for longer than necessary. Dogs sweat predominantly through the skin and through panting they’re able to cool themselves down. However if they are wearing a jacket that creates insolation and can cause further sickness. Boots can also protect sensitive paws from salt and ice.
  2. Monitor Signs of Cold: Watch for signs of discomfort like lifting paws or shivering. Bring them indoors if they show signs of being too cold.
  3. Dry Off Quickly: Have a towel ready to dry off wet fur and paws after outdoor excursions. This prevents them from catching a chill.

Rainy Days: Keeping Dry and Clean

When rain is pouring down:

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Mat: Create a transition area with a mat inside the door. Train your pet to wait there while you dry them off, minimizing wet tracks through the house.
  2. Use Wet Wipes: Keep pet-safe wet wipes handy to clean muddy paws before your pet enters the house. This reduces dirt and prevents stains on carpets.
  3. Drying Towel: Have a dedicated towel for wiping off excess rainwater. Pat your pet dry gently to avoid chilling them.

Tailoring Care for Different Breeds

Different breeds have varying needs in winter:

  1. Winter-Ready Breeds: Dogs like Huskies and German Shepherds have thick coats built for colder weather. Ensure they have access to shelter and warmth after outdoor play.
  2. Small or Cold-Sensitive Breeds: Short-haired or smaller breeds may need extra protection. Consider using sweaters or coats and limit their exposure to cold and wet weather.
  3. Monitor Health: Check for signs of frostbite or hypothermia, especially on ears, paws, and tails. If you suspect any issues, consult your veterinarian immediately.

At PETport, we believe in treating pets like family, ensuring their safety and comfort year-round. By following these tips, you can make the winter season enjoyable and safe for your furry companions. Remember, a little extra care goes a long way in keeping them happy and healthy during the chilly months ahead.

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