Industry Update – What’s going on in Australia and New Zealand?

Australia and New Zealand

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What’s going on Down Under?

Flight routings and Airline Update.

The moment many, many, many of us has been waiting for has finally arrived! Routings to New Zealand and Australia have started opening up!

We know we, as well as many of our clients, have been holding our breath ever since Qantas announced that it will not be touching the skies as part of its COVID-19 action plan. We have said it once, and we will say it again, we 100% respect all airlines and their decisions on how the business operates during this pandemic.


QUESTION: Qatar and Singapore have flights to Melbourne, Australia!

  • Correct! Flights options are available for AVI (Live Animals) travelling into Melbourne but only on Cargo flights which is the only available option for Pets travelling to Australia. No
  • Passenger flights are currently available.
  • For Cargo flights, AVI (live animals) are always the LAST to be offered space on a Cargo flight. So of course, as always availability is airline and flight dependent.

QUESTION: What is the difference between Passenger and Cargo flights?

  • Passenger flights are your standard flights where humans travel in First, Business, Economy Class with your Pet in the cargo hold.
  • Cargo flights have no seating options and only for transporting medical, shipping, essentials and non-essentials items. Not forgetting Live Animals, BUT ONLY IF THAT SPECIFIC FLIGHT IS CORRECTLY PREPPED TO CARRY PETS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even though cargo flights are available, please remember that it needs to be adjusted to carry live animals. Meaning the correct temperature as well as staff to assist the transporting of Pets for that specific flight. So not every single flight is equipped to carry live animals.

QUESTION: What options are available for New Zealand?

  • Currently, Emirates has just opened up it’s routing to New Zealand. Although they are taking bookings. They have not confirmed when flights will be available. Just as other flights that reopened during the pandemic.

During this time your Pet Travel Company will need to work with the Australian team to make sure that import permits are issued, quarantine is booked for your Pets as well as blood work and a Veterinary Health Certificate is completed. Having so many factors will affect guaranteeing your booking and securing a flight.

Capacity for quarantine in Australia and New Zealand, of course, will be limited and subject to availability. We at PETport endeavour to keep all of our clients and potential clients informed. If you have any questions, contact our team on how we can get your Fur Baby safely home to you. We will exhaust all options!

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