In the market for a new pup? Here’s what to consider.


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Looking to introduce a new furry friend to the family? With so many cuddly options to choose from, particularly those that need rescuing, we don’t blame you! However, before committing, there are a few factors you should consider, including the space you’re currently living in, whether you have kids and if you or your partner suffer from allergies.

Hazel Imrie, Owner and Founder of PETport, weighs in on what to consider depending on your circumstances while providing some helpful tips to make your decision that much easier. 

If you have a tiny tot or two… 

Look for a dog with an agreeable temperament – one that will be a good companion for your kids. When at a dog shelter, spend some time with the pups – this will give you a good inkling of which one would be best suited. Additionally, you need to decide if you want a small, medium or large dog with low or high energy levels based on the lifestyle you can provide it with, i.e. if you can exercise it as often as it needs. Doing your research beforehand can help inform your decision. Loyal, patient and playful, bulldogs, beagles, golden retrievers and Labradors all make perfect matches for children. 

If you have a small, confined space… 

Long legs and a fiercely wagging tail in a tiny living space is a disaster waiting to happen, so be sure to choose a pooch that is geared for an apartment. Think about the dog’s energy levels; chat with the breeder or shelter owner with regards to noisiness and how they interact with people and other pups (chances are, you’ll have neighbours nearby). Dachshunds, Maltese, Pekinese and Pomeranians all do well in these kinds of situations. 

If you have allergies… 

Hypoallergenic dogs (those who don’t shed as much hair) are a smart choice for pet parents with allergies. A self-grooming basenji, human-haired Shih Tzu or a wire fox terrier with a dense, wiry coat that barely sheds are all good options for mild allergy sufferers. 


There are so many dogs that need love and a good home and often, adoption is the best place to start. It’s, therefore, imperative to analyse your current situation to ensure your new companion will live their best lives. PETport is there to support you, should you require any advice or need to relocate your best furry friend. PETport also offers discounts for transport of puppies purchased from registered breeders or from a registered NPO rescue organization. Enquire today. 

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