How To Move With Your Pets Without the Added Costs


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At PETport, we understand that your pets are valuable members of your family and you want them near you as often as possible. Because of this, we have built our business model around transporting pets of all shapes and sizes to all parts of the globe, in a safe and comfortable manner that they will love, at an affordable price that you will love.

PETport was created on the pillars of passion and affordability, enabling pets to be united with their families always, even if the family moves to a different city, country or continent. Therefore, a quote from PETport is a true reflection of the service rendered and not inflated by a finder’s or referral fee.

The safety of your fur (or furless) babies has been our number one priority since PETports inception. As such, we don’t agree with referral fees that would make transporting your pets a higher expense.

Moving to a new city can be costly. Buying furniture for your new home can be pricey. Ensuring that your pet is transported safely and taken care of shouldn’t be expensive too.

Life is stressful enough, without having to put extra strain on your pockets or risk abandoning your fur-babies when you move, simply because the price of transporting them is too high.

PETport is operated by International Air Transport Association Live Animals Regulations (IATA LAR) certified staff members who do not stand behind unethical business practices of undisclosed referral fees that lead to inflated prices. We will remain honest and ethical and encourage our customers to ask us – or any of our competitors – about referral fees.

PETport is taking a stand against the undisclosed referral fees, and you should too.

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