Everything you need to know about travel crates to ensure a safe pet travel experience.


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There are a number of important factors to consider when thinking about the logistics of any live animal’s travel experience, both locally and internationally. One of these being the crates that are used to transport the animals from one point to another.

Ensuring that your pets are happy, safe and comfortable is understandably the first thing every pet mom and dad mind!. Probably the most important part of the whole experience for your 4 or 2 legged friend is for us to ensure that the crates are of highest standards and comply to the very important regulation for air travel.

Every company that is involved in arranging the movement of any live animal by air has to ensure they comply with the strict regulations set out by IATA (International Air Transport Association) and set of rules and criteria when it comes to the provision of the pet kennel. PETport are also well-known members of the International Pet Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). we comply to a strict code of ethics clearly stipulates that companies that are in the pet travel industry need to provide the highest standard of care to animals that are entrusted to them, travel kennels and travel crates are arguably one of the most important factors in the safe and humane transport of animals.

When considering moving to another country or city by air, having a travel crate to transport the pet is not optional.

Part of the compliance that pet travel companies need to follow is that each crate should have sufficient ventilation. This needs to be evident through the holes on either side of the crate. The mesh is also an important part of the ventilation process as the breathing and airflow around the pet must not at any time be compromised. In addition, the travel kennel must be leak proof so any bathroom slips that happen during travel are well contained and absorbed inside the crate. We recommend not using any sort of silica gel based absorbant, your furkid is “au natural” we like to ensure that their travel bedding is just as natural and safe for them under any strange environment – oh yes, pets can do some strange thing – just google “Cute cat videos on YouTube!!”

Having water bowls filled with sufficient water inside the crate is an absolute must that must not be missed. The water supply needs to be sufficient enough for the duration of the trip.

Crate Training your pet before travel is important, this reduces the stress levels of the pet during the trip and helps familairse them with the environment of being inside a travel crate and seeing the travel crate as a safe and secure environment for your furbabe during this exciting trip. We normally recommended your pet receive their training crate around 5-7 days prior to their departure date.

In addition, taking the correct measurements of the pet is a key step in pet travel particularly when it comes to choosing the correct crate size. This is because an incorrect measurement would mean that the pet could perhaps be put in a position where they are awfully uncomfortable as the crate is small or too big. In order for the pet to travel in all-inclusive comfort, the crate size needs to be as accurate as possible. The travel kennel must allow just the right amount of room to allow the pet to stand up, sit down, turn around as well as lay down. It is also vital to note that each time a pet travels, it requires to be remeasured. Think Goldilocks here – The crate must be just right!

Your pet will see this travel kennel as their perfect airline seat, your furbaby cant speak so we are here to help ensuring they are as comfortable as possible during this exciting experience!

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