Conditions and Diseases in Fur babies We Need to Watch out for!

vet annual checkup

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Having a Fur Baby can put a dent in the family savings especially if the unexpected happens or you’ve adopted a precious Fur Baby with a pre-existing condition.

2 diseases to watch out for are Obesity and Gum Disease. Obesity can lead to a scarier health condition and gum disease can lead to bacteria in the blood.

We at PETport 100% recommend having an Insurance company like Pet Insurance to assist in covering your Fur Baby for vet bills, emergency procedures, a health care program, or a pre-existing hereditary condition.

Here are some additional TIPS AND TRICKS for taking care of your Fur kid!


  • Your Fur kid just like the human kid, needs to have a healthy lifestyle, lots of exercise, mental stimulation and a healthy balanced diet is important.


  • Make sure your Fur Kids vaccinations are up to date and at least once a year a Vet’s visit is conducted.


  • Swapping and changing between different foods is not good for your Fur Kid’s digestion. Make sure you are sticking to one premium food brand. Don’t forget to check the ingredients!


  • If you see, suspect, or think something is wrong with your Fur Baby, go for a check-up. Do not delay something you may suspect is wrong with your Fur Kid!

What do you recommend for keeping those vet bills low?


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