British Airways Update Jan 2022


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British Airways Update Jan 2022


PETport endeavors bringing you and your fur family the latest industry updates as they happen. We have been at the forefront in keeping families together during 2020 and 2021! The UK has been a difficult routing for families due to the HARC- Heathrow Animal Reception Centre limitations of only 25 pets from Africa as well as South Africa previously being on the red list for the UK.

This is the main purpose that PETport was the only PET Shipper to acquire 6 Semi Charters with Qatar in assisting families travel to the UK. We have singlehandedly assisted with the previous backlogs to the UK by clearing over 160 Fur babies through our Semi Charter services alone.

British Airways is currently the only direct line routing to the UK. We have been informed that British Airways have cancelled all AVI (live animals) transfers for the month of January. This is due to the change of departure time of their flights leaving South Africa and subsequently no space available for the arrival of live animals into Heathrow’s Animal Reception Centre, which is the busiest station in Western Europe.

Please note that even though the PETport Team is currently on our annual shutdown, all pet relocation specialists are back online for the sole purpose to research alternative options for the UK for the month of January. Please know that we are doing all we can for a viable and workable solution for our pet parents impacted by this change. There will be slim to no chance of any BA flight for the month of January for any pet departing South Africa and alternate solutions are being vigorously investigated.

We will keep all families updated while researching the best possible options for your traveling fur family. If you have any questions, concerns or queries contact our team on our WhatsApp Business line – 063 971 9547!