Aeroplane-friendly animal carriers 101: 3 things to consider


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Are you relocating halfway across the country? Or taking a furry travel companion with you on your next getaway? These days, pets are often considered part of the family, so naturally, it makes sense you’d want to take your closest family members along for the ride (except for your nagging aunt, Milly). Hazel Imrie of trustworthy pet relocation specialist PETport, shares her expert tips on finding the ideal travel crate for your furry friend to ensure they arrive safely anywhere in the world.

Comfort is key

The travel kennel you choose for your precious fur baby is possibly the most important aspect of pet transportation as it will be their home for the duration of the flight, including any layovers you may have. As such, your pet needs a super comfortable crate for their journey. Consider getting a custom-made kennel to suit your pet’s unique needs – PETport’s hand-crafted international pet travel crates are compliant with the airline and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations and are made using only the highest-quality treated timber by trained craftsmen. PETport’s specialised custom wooden travel kennels are equipped with extra ventilation panels, two water bowls and for international travellers, a non-carcinogenic travel mat with no silica, for added comfort.

Another thing to think about is crate or kennel training for your pet. By doing this, you teach your pet to view the container as a safe zone, ensuring a worry-free day of travel when the big day arrives. Speak to your pet relocation specialist for advice on how to train your best friend for the trip.

Size matters

There’s no point in having a luxurious crate for your pet if it’s too small for them to sit comfortably, stand and turn around in. Before you go shopping for your travel kennel or have it custom made, ensure that you correctly measure its precious cargo. Measuring your pet with a tape measure can be tricky – try using a piece of string and then measure the string after

taking each measurement. First, measure your dog or cat from the tip of their nose to the
base of their tail, without including the actual tail in your measurement. Next, measure from their elbow joint in the forearm to the ground, then measure across your pet’s shoulders. The final measurement you’ll need to get is from the top of your pet’s head to the ground when they are standing upright. If their ears are erect, add the measurement from the top of the head to the tip of their ears.

Now you have all the measurements you’ll need to find a crate big enough for your little (or maybe not so little) furkid.

Rather safe than sorry

If you choose to use a store-bought travel kennel, it is important to confirm that the kennel’s specifications meet all the stringent safety and travel requirements as stipulated by the IATA. Otherwise, the airline reserves the right to remove the travel crate from cargo and halt travel until all requirements have been met. This is a bit of a disaster if you only find out on the day of the trip that your pet can’t fly with you and needs to stay behind. To prevent this from happening, contact your travel consultant to make inspection arrangements beforehand or bring your travel kennel to a pet relocation specialist for an inspection. Many retailers sell plastic kennels that are marked as airline or IATA approved, however, this is usually not the case because IATA do not endorse any travel kennel ever! If it says airline approved – buyer beware!

For peace of mind on the day of your trip or relocation, ensure your pet’s travel carrier is aeroplane friendly and compliant ahead of time. It also needs to be comfortable and big enough for your pet to roam freely in, guaranteeing a safe and pleasant journey.

About PETport

PETport is a registered pet travel and relocation specialist service, trained and certified by the international animal organisation, IPATA. With hands-on care and experience passed down from one generation to the next, PETport is the best choice to transport fur-babies, fluff-babies and feather babies.
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