5 Pet-Friendly Ways to Spend Your 67 Minutes this Mandela Day


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With Mandela Day fast approaching, South Africans are looking for meaningful ways to spend their 67 minutes, to celebrate an occasion that encourages different acts of kindness. Corporate companies, for example, have become increasingly involved, spearheading initiatives that allow employees to give back, while promoting team work.  

Animal rescue is one such example; a cause that’s become a popular choice for companies to put their time and money behind. Besides supplying shelter to unwanted animals, these sanctuaries promote animal health, and provide families the opportunity to welcome a new furry friend into their homes. 

Here are a few ways your company can get involved in this pawfect cause this Mandela Day: 


  1. Sponsorships 


Sponsoring an animal is an effective way of ensuring their ongoing security and safety beyond just Mandela Day. Corporate sponsorships, for example, can assist in covering costs for rescued animals including their shelter, food and the overall care received. These financial contributions are so important in promoting the wellbeing of these animals who, for many, could one day be the newest member of their family. 


  1. Collections 


Fundraising initiatives and pet food drives is another easy way for corporates to contribute to bettering the lives of unwanted animals. Besides the many mouths to feed, these sanctuaries are always in need of blankets, dog beds, or items that could assist in building new, more protective shelters. Use your 67 minutes to deliver the items collected to one or more sanctuaries chosen by your company.  


  1. Volunteering


There is certainly no shortage of volunteer opportunities when it comes to animal shelters. In fact, many encourage interacting with the animals who so desperately seek that attention. Besides this involvement, your time will also be spent feeding the animals, bettering the conditions of the shelter, dog walking, and sometimes even assisting in the rehabilitation of traumatised animals.


  1. Build Kennels


A lot of animal rescue organisations and clinics encourage the building of kennels for animals in local communities who do not have adequate shelter. Corporates can form part of these initiatives by assisting with supplies like nails, hammers and paint, or they can run their own project that perhaps sees 67 kennels delivered to a local community of their choosing. There’s also the option of funding a kennel(s) should you want to assist further. 


  1. Guide Dog Sponsor


While these pups are not in shelters, per se, they play a hugely important part in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their owner. Another cause that corporates can then consider this Mandela Day is donating money for the training of puppies who are working towards becoming a companion to a blind person. For individuals, there’s also the option of fostering one of these pups while they’re undergoing their training.

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