Australia & New Zealand Entry

Going down under?
Australia & New Zealand Entry

Dogs and Cats may enter Australia & New Zealand with 10 days quarantine in Australia or New Zealand Only.  There is no pre-export quarantine any more and your pet may stay at home with you, as the process of blood tests is extremely complex and it is imperative that we meet very tight deadlines and blood work procedure PETport offers an all inclusive travel package for either your pets to come to us for the last 25 days or the last 7 days.

We understand that this is an extremely large relocation and sometimes moms and dads wish to keep their pets at home right to the last minute, we highly recommend that you allow your pets to come to our boarding facilities for pre-export preparation, where they will be kept from the stresses and changes happening around them in their old home during these last few weeks.  We offer a calm and routined enviroment for boarders where we prepare them for their relocation, we ensure they have the right food before travel and also crate train them.  We offer natural herbal calmatives prior to departure.

Australia & New Zealand entry services are specialized and you will have a senior consultant that will assist you through-out the process, PETport have been handling Australia and New Zealand exports for many years so we have a lot of experience in these fields to ensure your pets are eligible for export to Australia or New Zealand.

Australia: Pets may only enter quarantine at Melbourne, they will do 10 days quarantine on entry to Australia, you may not visit your pet whilst in quarantine.

New Zealand: Your pet may do their 10 day entry quarantine in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, you may visit your pet whilst in quarantine.

The following breeds of dogs are banned for entry to Australia & New Zealand.

  1. American Pitbull Terrier
  2. Japanese Tosa
  3. Brazillian Fila
  4. Dogo Argentino

…including any crossbreeds of the above.