Please be aware!


The name PETport is being used by scammers. These scammers have copied our website and it is being used in emails to give the scammers the credibitily of PETport.

Scammers will promise you a puppy or kitten for free (or a very cheap price to make themselves seem credible) and will then string a long sob story attached about how they are missionaries and need to rehome the puppy/kitten as they are unable to devote the time to the pet, you “only need pay for transport” once the first payment comes in, they will continue to extort monies from you, from vet clearance fees through to insurance, special crates, as long as you keep paying they will keep coming up with new ideas.

Copies of the emails are below (we will add to the collection as we get new and innovative emails from these scammers). If you have any concern that you are being scammed, please immediately call us on 011 965 6397 / 011 965 6404 and we will swiftly assist you. NEVER pay money to anyone who promises you a free puppy and you need to cover transport – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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